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Software Engineer

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Hello! I am full-stack developer with a focus in back end development. I graduated from Make School in May 2020 and earned a degree in applied computer science. My official concentration was "Back End Web", but I also spent a lot of my time learning about React and front end in general.



Software Engineering Intern

Interned on a team in the Driver Growth group at Lyft for 4 months. Completed projects on both the frontend and backend.

  • Improved an internal tool by cleaning up styling, making user inputs more user friendly, speeding up loading of a resource using batch processing and caching (50% faster), and adding documentation for setting up the service.
  • Added connection between front and back end using Lyft tooling and utilized it to enable new ways to interact with a resource, such as editing and cloning. Outlined a refactoring specification after completing these features and modularized duplicated methods and components to remove 1500 lines across 3 files (reduced file sizes by 40%).
  • Supported engineers with issues they had on the services that I worked on. These issues ranged from helping engineers debug errors they came across to helping them set up the service in a development environment.
  • Implemented a system that allows quick and easy deployment of surveys to drivers, complete with documentation, stats and logging, and tests. Collaborated with a client engineer to improve dev flow of Lyft library used in the project.

Make School

Teaching Assistant

Assisted students mostly in data structures and algorithms, but answered any technical questions when possible.

  • Pair programmed with dozens of students to help them understand data structures in Python.
  • Aided students with reading and debugging errors in various languages and technologies.
  • Completed 100+ code reviews for multiple CS assignments.
  • Voted "Most Helpful" by the school's student body.


Make School

Sept 2017 - May 2020

Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science

Make School is a project-based college for applied computer science. Make School teaches a curriculum to prepare students for a career in the tech industry. They also work Dominican University of California to provide students with a general education.

Santa Monica City College

Aug 2016 - Aug 2017

Completed coursework in various topics including: Calculus 1 & 2, Intro to Chemistry, Human Biology, Microeconomics, Physics - Mechanics.



An open source appointment scheduling platform for Outlook, similar to Calendly. Allows organizations to manage their data. Developed with a team of five, pitched it to the SF Government, and received buy-in.

  • Created a user interview questionnaire, sequence diagram, and system architecture diagram to enhance the design of the front end, refine the back end APIs, and explain various functionalities of the app.
  • Researched the Microsoft Graph API to implement OAuth authentication, through Outlook, and multiple routes that take use of other functionality of the Outlook API.
  • Pair programmed to solve problems such as querying events by subject and dividing blocked calendar time into shorter appointment slots, and collaborated with the front end team to ensure successful linking of the stack.
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An education application to share beginner to expert “roadmaps” in a given domain, to aide in others’ personal assessment of proficiency in that domain. The app also features a section to share online resources to develop skills based on the roadmap.

  • Revived an unfinished project and onboarded by reviewing the code and database models, and collaborating with two colleagues of the original team by pair programming and reviewing pull requests.
  • Implemented the key feature of adding roadmaps via React app by abstracting data entry of multiple resources to reuse a single component and the same few functions to modify the form state.
  • Programmed a back end route that saves the multiple, nested resources from the form to a SQL database.
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Fake Word Generator API

An API that will return a generated word based on submitted rules for word generation.

  • Learned Ruby and Rails in seven weeks and deployed an API that generates seemingly real words.
  • Experimented with Markov models and a 400,000+ length words list as a method of word generation.
  • Dockerized the API and database and deployed it to a Droplet on DigitalOcean.
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A mobile application with a set of calculators that provide easy accessibility to results from other calculators.

  • Used React Native to create a reusable, functional calculator component.
  • Utilized various libraries to implement mobile navigation, store state between calculators, and add icons.
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Syllables and Graphs

An implementation of an adjacency list, with a complete set of unit tests, used to analyze English syllables and their relation.

  • Implemented common graph methods, such as DFS, BFS, diameter, and PageRank, with numerous comments.
  • Tested most code and edge cases with Python’s unittest framework, and followed PEP8 styles overall.
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NPM Libraries

Four published libraries, complete with enforced code styling, full test coverage, continuous integration, and documentation.

  • Built libraries that enhanced strings, numbers, dates, their prototypes, and an API, using Airbnb’s coding style guide.
  • Utilized rollup.js and Jest with Coveralls and Travis CI to streamline bundling and deployment of NPM libraries.
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Elon Musk Quote Generator

A fun web app that generates Elon Musk quotes using a large corpus of his talks and interviews.

  • Programmed an nth order Markov chain generator to generate approximately grammatical sentences and designed a simple landing page with Flask.
  • Scraped for 500,000 words with Diffbot API, cleaned word corpus with regular expressions, and organized words into histograms based on a Markov model.
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